Energizer Power Alkaline Mignon Battery AA B8

8 x Energizer Alkaline Power LR6/AA Alkaline BatteryNew technologyNew shapeFor optimum partial performance, the battery shape in the vicinity of the “+” pole has beenMore powerful closureBattery Cup enhancement-more powerful closure for 10 years of energy.Better Membranes/barriersThe addition of a new matching closure/membrane creates a stronger barrier, which in turn prevents leakage.Energizer Alkaline Power is an alkaline battery designed for everyday use on both high and medium power devices. These devices provide longer operation compared to normal carbon-zinc batteries. Having an attractive price makes this the Energizer Alkaline Power Battery A perfect choice for your everyday devices.

Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 7638900410686
Barcode: 7638900410686


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type: alkaline batteryvoltage [V]: 1.5 indiameter [mm]: 14.5 inheight [mm]: 50.5 inPackage: Blister Pack 8 pcs.Other Indications: LR6/AA/R6/MN 1500/Mignon/AM3/E91

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