XO NBQ203B Καλώδιο Ταχείας Φόρτισης – Data με Ψηφιακή Οθόνη Type-C 60W

■Cable length: 1.0m, weight: 32g■Outer quilt material: rubber shell +85A TPE■Connector material: 110A inner membrane■Wire core: (45/0.1TS+250D)*2C(red·black)+(16/0.08TS+250D)*3C(white·green·yellow) The core wires are all made of 3364 PE material, and the PVC is black and purple Rice braided wire OD: 4.0mm TPE outer quilt (PD 60W)■Function: Support charging and data transmission. Digital display power “PD” means fast charging, normal charging without “PD” display■Model production: TYPE-C-TYPE-C■Color: black■Note: The digital display screen C port needs to be connected to the input mobile phone terminal. If it is connected to the output charger (power supply), the digital display screen will not work.

Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 6920680824847
Barcode: 6920680824847
Κατασκευαστής: XO




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XO NBQ203B Digital display data Type-C to Type-C (PD) cable 60W

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