Hoco Z30 Easy Route Dual Port Usb Mini Car Charger χρυσο

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EAN: 6931474700049 Κωδικός προϊόντος: HC-Z30-GOLD Κατηγορία:

Car charger “Z30A Easy route” dual USB port charging adapter current up to 3.1A aluminum alloy case blue indicator1. Input: DC12-24V.2. Output: USB 1 / 2: DC5V / 2.4A. Total output: DC5V / 3.1A max.3. Aluminum alloy case, sturdy and durable, with blue aperture indicator on the top.4. Dual USB output, multiple circuit protection, compatible with more than 99% USB charging digital devices.5. Length * Diameter: 6.0 * 2.5cm, weight: 24g.