Hoco X26 καλωδιο Lightning φορτισησ &Amp; Data 1m, Black – Gold

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EAN: 6957531080183 Κωδικός προϊόντος: HC-X26-LIGHTNING-GOLD Κατηγορία:

X26 Xpress charging data cable for USB to Lightning 1m nylon braid and aluminum alloy shell support 9V 2A fast charge1. Length: 1m, weight: 20g.2. USB to Lightning, supports Apple mobile phone charging and data transmission, the rated current is about 2A (can support 9V 2A fast charge).3. Nylon braided wire, cylindrical, column shape, TPE injection molding, aluminum alloy shell, laser engraved logo.4. 72 four-core tin-plated oxygen-free copper wire.