Hoco U29 καλωδιο με οθονη Micro Usb φορτισησ &Amp; Data 1.2m, Red

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EAN: 6957531062974 Κωδικός προϊόντος: HC-U29-MICROUSB-RED Κατηγορία:

U29 Micro USB charging data cable with LED screen for voltage current charging time display 2A universal charge adapter 1.2m wire1. Length: 1.2m, weight: 28g.2. Outer cladding:TPE material, appearance is novel, charging head is ABS casing.3. Eight side diamond data line, after charging, the screen is lit, and the voltage, current, charging time and other data are displayed alternately. You can also use timer to stop the charging.4. Wire core: Tinned copper, 164 pieces, passing current: 2A.5. Support charging and data transmission.