Billow Wi-Fi Sport/Action Camera 360 Degrees

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EAN: 8435099520672 Κωδικός προϊόντος: BL-XS360 Κατηγορία:

<p>Never miss a moment with this new camera. Capture every moment at 360 degrees to appreciate every detail of the world around you. Perfect for sport use, has all the accessories you need.<br><br>Camera that presents the world in a new dimension, a new way to capture the real world, your unforgettable moments from several perspectives. The world around you in a single 360 device.<br><br>WIFI · 220? Fish eye ultra wide angle lens&nbsp; · 1920×1440 P (30FPS) ·&nbsp; LCD · 30M WATERPROOF · SD UP TO 32 GB · 16 MP Camera · Mic and Speaker · COMPATIBLE WITH YOUTUBE 360? VIDEOS<br><br></p><h3>FEATURES</h3><p><br>-LCD<br>-Battery: 1000 mAh Lithium<br>-Duration: 15 h.<br>-Housing: Plastic<br>-Charge Port: Micro USB<br>-Dimensions: 51x42x34.6 mm<br>-Waterproof: Yes, with housing<br>-Wi-Fi: Yes<br>-Camera: 16MP<br>-Lens: 220?<br>-Focus: Fixed<br>-Microphone: Yes, internal<br>-Speaker: Yes<br>-Free application for Android and iOS, for total control of the camera<br>-Resolution: 1920x1440P (30FPS)/FHD 1944x1080P (30FPS)<br>-Input/Output: Micro USB 2.0 and Mini HDMI<br>-Recording: Micro SDHC Class 6/10 up to 32GB<br>-Compatible with 360? Youtube videos<br><br></p><h3>PACKAGE CONTENTS<br><br></h3><p>-Action camera 360?</p><p>-Battery</p><p>-Micro USB cable</p><p>-Quick installation guide</p><p>-Support for gel suction</p><p>-Support for submersible housing</p><p>-Base plate suction</p><p>-Support for handlebars</p><p>-Protective case</p><p>-Accessory connector</p>