Acme φορτιστησ ταξιδιου 2usb 2.1a λευκο 2 θεσεων

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EAN: 4770070874875 Κωδικός προϊόντος: AC-CH12 Κατηγορία:

<p>ACME introduces dual USB wall charger – charge two devices at once! No more lack of chargers or sockets, no more decisions which appliance is more important to be charged. ACME CH12 Dual USB wall charger enables simultaneous charging of two devices, provides with a fast energy supply and allows using USB charging cables You already possess. Make Your life more convenient with this fast charging dual USB wall charger and forget the days of dead batteries of Your devices and no chances to charge them at the same time!<br><br><br>Fast charging<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; A total output of 2.1A delivers a fast charging rate<br><br>Dual USB output<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Charge 2 devices at the same time<br><br>Universal<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; For phones, tablets, music players, GPS<br><br>Safe<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Short circuit protection<br><br><br></p><p><br>Type &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Wall charger<br>Other &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Input: AC 100-240 V 50/60 Hz<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Output: DC 5 V, 2.1 A<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Output socket: standard USB, type A<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Colour: White<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Dual USB<br><br>Package contents &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Charger, user manual<br>Features &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <br><br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Fast charging (2.1A)<br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Short circuit protection<br><br>Compatibility &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; For phones, tablets, music players, GPS <br></p>